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the crimson child

Nov. 13th, 2016

11:32 pm - Onerous.


  1. (of a task, duty, or responsibility) involving an amount of effort and difficulty that is oppressively burdensome:
    "he found his duties increasingly onerous"
    antonyms: effortless · easy

    • law
      involving heavy obligations:
      "an onerous lease"

Oct. 4th, 2014

06:40 pm


Apr. 1st, 2013

01:10 am - fb status update gone long

apparently my inspiration to get things done wants to kick in Sunday night when I have to work in the morning. ah well, at least some things have been accomplished. could just let sleep go by the wayside, haven't decided yet. I appreciate and am thankful for the dayjob(s); somehow just have to time- and creativity-manage successfully with it taking up hours. I have nothing to complain about, am thankful but yet also feel ticking time intensifying lately. However the more of the small tasks and day-to-day things get done the more I can focus on my creative work. Sometimes though I just look at all these pending ideas and projects in motion, or still motion collecting dust, and it is so daunting! I don't know where to begin and am blocked from beginning until I do just that- begin. Any progress is still progress, and every small accomplishment is still an accomplishment to celebrate and be thankful for. Just having a bit of inspiration and motivation in itself is something wonderful to be thankful for. However I am more and more mindful of fleeting time and that it is ever more so the time to focus and prioritize. I appreciate dayjobs but they also come with not only a paycheck but a cost, and that cost is that my focus and creativity can be dulled or somewhat murky, and it is easy to fall into a depressed or just blah state. It takes time to clear from all of it and sometimes by that point I either have to sacrifice sleep or sacrifice the creative work that is wanting to finally happen. There's a balance, and there are ways. I'm frustrated though; art takes so much to create sometimes- time, energy, resources, inspiration, and then if it is compromised by not being done in peak times of being able to do it, is it worth doing in the first place- yes, the answer is yes. and forward motion is a great thing no matter how much of a rollercoaster or how many obstacles have to be overcome.

Mar. 4th, 2013

04:34 pm - Glitter and Ashes

Wow, it's been a while.

Glitter and ashes.
ashes and glitter.

ashes to ashes, Crimson dust

Crimson glitter to wash the ash away
sun burns the glitter into ashes
into dust.

Jul. 2nd, 2012

08:39 pm - for On the Edge show at Launchpad

The Best is Yet to Come
Out of the Darkness Emerges the )Uncreated( Light
On the Edge.. On the Verge.. Emergence
It's a New Dawn it's a New Day
"Ah yes, on the verge.. )the edge(.. the precipice.. Where all artists converge, & fall to their fate."  - Renoir character, Modigliani movie

On the Edge of Darkness There is Light

About the Show

It seems only fitting that as we near the end of our journey with our beloved gallery that we invite you (and us) to reflect on transitions.

The very first show to open at Launch Pad was “Lift Off”, a show featuring lonely images of outer space travel and sparkly exploration. At the time, the space that the gallery inhabited was very, very raw, and the warehouse had mainly hosted wild theme parties and Burning Man-esque debauches, that while VERY artsy, were somewhat limited in their audience.

With Launch Pad, I wanted to make a space for beginning artists to share their work and cut their teeth, a place where we could learn together how to be more professional, how to reach more people, and what makes art a viable means of growing, communicating and sharing together, and I wanted it to be accessible to all types of people- freaks, outsiders, children, the art-naive, collectors, performers, musicians, curators- everyone. Over six years later, we have traveled deeper into the world of ideas, feeling and expression than I ever imagined we would through such a humble undertaking.

Now it’s time to transition to the next phase, to travel once again beyond what is familiar, beloved and known into new territory. The working title for this show was, “The Outer Limits”, and while a little corny, that title communicates some of what I hope our artists will bring to this show: while Launch Pad is closing, we are all continuing on our journey together into our personal and artistic futures- we are approaching the outer boundary of what can be done at Launch Pad, but I am confident that all of us will continue to grow and share together in the future, in other art spaces that we will assist in creating, and in our individual lives. We’ve invited our artists to make work about a time when they reached the cusp of something, a breaking point, a breakthrough, a new peak, a new low- and then dared to go further.

Love, respect, and infinite gratitude,

Ben Pink, Launch Pad Founder
And the whole Launch Pad team, you included!

May. 17th, 2011

10:43 pm - Ever Hold.

sacrifices and circles
circles and sacrifices

the present.
here we are
here we live
here we breathe.

fleeting moments
surreal in their transience
transient in their living
living in their movement
moving toward forever
moving and never

moving and what
what is gained

moving forward
to recoup what is lost
to repay what is gained
The Heart Bleeds Ever Forward.
The Light Lives Ever Within-
screaming outward
flame lights Heart's way
Heart bleeds shedding the light
ever hold onto.

Mar. 25th, 2010

02:18 am - bit by bit by little weathered bit.

ripping up old school assignments from my childhood is a lovely exercise in letting go, bit by bit by bit.

navigating the depths of things lying beneath the surface
surface layered over surfaced layer
sinking deep into past journeys into future present

bit by bit clarity rises from within the deep

is stirred

Mar. 5th, 2010

08:05 pm - EFT/NLP tapping is good for you.

tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.

soon there will be singing.

tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.

emotions are like waves; let them wash through you.

tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.

the tapping doesn't quite do the same thing when you type it vs. tap it.

tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.

sometimes all you can do is just move forward.

sometimes you have to heal yourself and work in order to survive and help your family.

sometimes things hurt and I feel alienated, betrayed, misunderstood,  maybe that's ok. it's ok to feel that way, for sure. intense feelings, definitely.

judged, manipulated, and controlled.

Power Self doesn't like it when Victim steps in. or back in, rather.

tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.

at the same time you need to take care of your family and spend time with them.
and of course also make your art and be the "prolific artist" your own self and society presses in on you to be.
and you can't please everyone, all at once. sometimes perhaps not anyone. 

putting God first: challenge primo uno.

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Dec. 9th, 2009

03:08 am - Circles

Thoughts: A beginning, a continuation, a merging, an opening: a Status Blurb.
Thinking about my own need for linearity. I had previously categorized myself as such a "nonlinear" thinker. Thinking about how that relates to the whole. We are abstracting our true reality/experience, whatever that may be, into small more "comprehensive" linear segments of Time (as we define it). Documenting it through photographic snapshots, created works reflecting experience, events and experience narrative of one's lifeline. Is perception/memory itself a vehicle for abstraction, &/or a holding area and closest thing to the home of the real? We try to describe our experience and thought with words, with image, gesture, but first these "things" are segmented and pass through our system, our structure, our... perception. Our senses, our intellect, our state of being at the time. In addition there are blocks, there are energy channels, and pathways beyond the self. To be continued, Elsewhere.
"...circles and circles, and circles again..." ~ Tori Amos, Cloud on My Tongue

FB status version, condensed, chopped up, reduced to "essentials", therefore abstracted further from the swirling thoughts and ideas in my mind/soul/heart.................... :

Thoughts: A beginning, a continuation, a merging, an opening: a Status Blurb. Fragmented, segmented, an abstraction in its own rite.
Thinking about my own need for linearity.
Thinking about how that relates to the Whole.
To be continued, Elsewhere.
"...circles and circles, and circles again..." ~ Tori Amos, Cloud on My Tongue

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Oct. 14th, 2009

02:43 am - Drawing As Seeing, Level 1, Basic (Foundation) Drawing

Instructor: M Wallulis                                                         


Drawing 1 ~ Drawing as Seeing Series, Level 1

Part One: Basic Drawing (Foundation) Skills, Intro

6 wks, Intensive.

Monday evenings, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

October 26 - November 30, 2009

Tuition: $120 - 180, sliding scale.*


Our focus for this 6-wk intensive will be on key components of foundation basic drawing skills and technique. We will examine ways of critically seeing and selectively recording information. We will learn and work with contour line, proportion, perspective, compositional balance, measuring tools & techniques, value, and light. We will touch on line techniques such as varied line, hatching & cross hatching.  Several different approaches and strategies will be introduced to build and develop both quicker studies and finished drawings from still life, live models, and other sources as subject material. In addition to learning how to create a representational work, the student will develop a visual working vocabulary, critique ability, and conceptual skills. Emphasis will be placed not only on foundation drawing skills but also, and perhaps more importantly, on developing work that has personal meaning and value. The student will be asked to document the works created and submit both works on cd and a physical portfolio at the end of the 6 wks for a critique and portfolio review.


Prereq: No previous formal drawing instruction necessary. Requires willingness to be open minded, work hard, complete assignments and participate in individual & group critiques. Must be open to constructive criticism & feedback, willing to work both independently & collaboratively with other artists.


CMA Studio
3513 SE Milwaukie Avenue

Portland, OR 97202

*Please contact the instructor directly at mwallulisart@gmail.com to register &/or for more information on this course and other upcoming workshops, lectures, and events.


About the Instructor:


Martha Wallulis holds a BFA in Painting from PNCA (the Pacific NW College of Art, Portland, OR) and a BA in Liberal Studies from Portland State University. She has been working successfully as a professional artist for 20 years. She teaches private lessons and workshops for youth/adults in visual arts, voice, and visual art business practices. Recent MW shows include live painting in The Round in both Portland & Seattle, new oil paintings exhibited in Pretty Vacant (a group show of national artists) at Worksound Gallery in 2009 and a Duo show with Krislyn Dillard at Launchpad Gallery entitled Crossover in 2007. 


Ms. Wallulis offers art/business consulting, interior design, and curatorial services for artists, art organizations, collectors, and businesses. She works with local art/nonprofit organizations including the Cascade AIDS Project Annual Art Evening & Auction, for which she is serving on the Procurement Committee. An active member in community events, education, and services, Martha is a professional cantor at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral  and scholar of the Greek Byzantine Arts.


For more information please contact the artist at mwallulisart@gmail.com &/or visit http://www.facebook.com/mwallulis . For the MW fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/M-Wallulis/12312114998

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