crimson_child (crimson_child) wrote,

fb status update gone long

apparently my inspiration to get things done wants to kick in Sunday night when I have to work in the morning. ah well, at least some things have been accomplished. could just let sleep go by the wayside, haven't decided yet. I appreciate and am thankful for the dayjob(s); somehow just have to time- and creativity-manage successfully with it taking up hours. I have nothing to complain about, am thankful but yet also feel ticking time intensifying lately. However the more of the small tasks and day-to-day things get done the more I can focus on my creative work. Sometimes though I just look at all these pending ideas and projects in motion, or still motion collecting dust, and it is so daunting! I don't know where to begin and am blocked from beginning until I do just that- begin. Any progress is still progress, and every small accomplishment is still an accomplishment to celebrate and be thankful for. Just having a bit of inspiration and motivation in itself is something wonderful to be thankful for. However I am more and more mindful of fleeting time and that it is ever more so the time to focus and prioritize. I appreciate dayjobs but they also come with not only a paycheck but a cost, and that cost is that my focus and creativity can be dulled or somewhat murky, and it is easy to fall into a depressed or just blah state. It takes time to clear from all of it and sometimes by that point I either have to sacrifice sleep or sacrifice the creative work that is wanting to finally happen. There's a balance, and there are ways. I'm frustrated though; art takes so much to create sometimes- time, energy, resources, inspiration, and then if it is compromised by not being done in peak times of being able to do it, is it worth doing in the first place- yes, the answer is yes. and forward motion is a great thing no matter how much of a rollercoaster or how many obstacles have to be overcome.
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