the crimson child

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hello I am an artist. painter. writer. poet. woman. greek. lithuanian. vocalist. love caffeine and karaoke. byzantine chant. ... ... ... etc etc etc etc
I've been keeping a journal since I was 7 so why not continue it here?

actually I've decided to type in older previously only handwritten journal entries as well

& now, on to the journal -

abstract, abstraction, acoustic guitar, acting, aim, alcohol, art, bob dylan, byzantine arts, byzantine chant, camping, candles, canoe-ing, carving, cheese, choir, christ, classical, coffee, composing, creativity, crystals, cubism, dance, de chirico, dolphins, dreams, eastern folk music, edgar degas, egg tempera painting, emergen-c's, encaustic painting, etc, europe, falafel, fasting, fingerstyle guitar, flamenco, flamenco dance, flight, food, frida kahlo, friends, god, grateful dead, greece, greek folk dance, greek mountain tea, greek orthodoxy, green tea, guitar, gyros, hiking, hot baths, hotsprings, iconography, idealism, installation, jazz, kalamari, karaoke, lakes, laughing, lindos, lipstick, literature, liturgical music, living, love, lycourgos angelopoulos, making people laugh, men, missionary work, monasteries, movies, music, ocean, oranges, oregon, orthodox church, orthodoxy, pablo picasso, painting, pastels, performance art, philosophy, pickles, pink floyd, poetry, portland, portland state university, psu, quests, reading, recording, reggae, renoir, rhodes, rock, rocks, romance, romanticism, salsa, salvador dali, scripture, sculpture, serendipity, sex, shoes, skiing, skydiving, snorkeling, snowboarding, social change, social substance abuse, socializing, solitude, squid, st. ireni of chrysovalantou, tamara de lempicka, the arts, the cure, theatre, theosis, theotokos, travel, true love, vocal jazz, warm places, water, water skiing, wonderful people, writing, yes, yiannis arvanitis, yoga